Facebook Advertising Best Practices that Works.

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful growth tools for business success. It has the potential to give great results in every stage of growth funnel. Ie from acquiring user to converting and retaining them.

In most cases, businesses try Facebook ads, fails at it by placing ads in the news feeds of wrong people and finally blame the ad platform. But in reality, Facebook is 7X cheaper than Twitter, ie the next affordable social media marketing ads channel. Targeting the right audience and optimizing your ad will help you to cut short your ad cost.

In this guide, i will give you some Facebook best practices, which helps you to get best results from Facebook ads with less spend.

Target your right audience 

Facebook targeting helps you to display your ads in the news feed of right audience. In another way, Facebook targeting allows you to display your ads to the most relevant people for your business. And the response for such highly targeted ads are comparatively higher than non-targeted ads. As a result cost per response also lesser than non targeted ads and you will a get high return on investment.

Before setting the targeting options, you should know about the targeted audience. Take research about your audience interests (like their hobbies, technologies, business or sports etc), Demographics (like their Educational qualifications, Work, Relationships etc), and their Behaviour (like digital activities, purchase behaviour etc). You can find the complete list of targeting options here 

Once you start specifying the criteria of the audience you want to address with your campaign, Facebook starts estimating your ad reach. Make sure to avoid very narrow or broad targeting, always consider your budget, and the number of people you would ideally like to reach.

Apart from these targeting options, facebook allow you to show your ads to a custom set of audience, ie those who already visited your website, installed your App etc, or Lookalike audience, ie people who have similar categories of those custom audiences.

Use native languages

In our globalised world, consumers are exposed to marketing messages in many languages. But a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research says messages expressed in people’s native languages are most effective at triggering emotional reactions.

Nowadays in facebook, advertisers started advertising on native languages of their audiences, and it triggers higher response than ads in non native languages. It is because of people even they are good at english prefer to read in their native language.

Use Ad copies that tend users to take Actions

To some extent, your Facebook ad success is dependent on your Ad copies. While creating ad copies, it is always kept in mind that, user make buying decisions based on emotions and the product features are to justify the decision based on the emotional response. Therefore your ad copy should tell, how your product makes user’s life better, or in another way, try to visualize the result, users will get from your product in your ad copy.

Try to use real human images rather than using characters and your ad images should tend the user to stop scrolling and react. There must be only 20% text in your image, otherwise your reach will decrease and as a result, the cost per result will increase.

Keep calm and try some hacks while selecting Call to Action

Do not forget to add a call to action in your Ads and it is better to add call to actions in your ad descriptions and text fields as well. When i run app installs ads, i get more response from the call to action “Use App” than “Install App”.  It is because when the user sees an ad with install App call to action, he may think like, he need to install it first to try the app. There may be a two steps feeling in his mind. But  when it comes to use app, he may feel like, he needs to do only one step to try the app.

A/B test and keep the best one with you

Always A/B test your ad images, description, texts etc. It is better to conduct an A/B tests with 6 sets of ads and try different images or ad descriptions in each set. Wait for a week and pause the least performing ads and Keep up the best performing one.

Track data and Improve

Running Ads without tracking data is like driving a car by closing your eyes. So always give an eye to your admanager and analytics. Invest more on the ads which give a high return on investments.

Add facebook pixel to your website and integrate SDK in your app, track how your acquired users use your app/website and improve your strategy based on that.

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